I had a house in Antelope to sell as the executor of an estate. The house needed renovation in order to obtain a fair price. I interviewed 4 realtors to get proposals for handling the job of restoration and selling. I initially liked Jeffers because he was the only one that bid the job as a single package. Two other realtors had contractors they worked with, but the contract for refurbishing and selling would be separate. They gave me estimates of what it would cost to bring the home up to an attractive condition; if what items the cost covered was not sufficient, it would be my responsibility to pay for additional items. This proved to be a real factor in my decision, as although the contractor's bids were close to the estimates provided by the realtors, the scope of work was not sufficient. They included less-essential items, but did not include some vital ones. Steve Jeffers personally inspected the property and recommended the changes, explaining why each was important. His focus was to maximize my net return. As a result, his bid for refurbishing was lower than the others.
It proved to be a good choice. I was able to handle the transaction from signing the contract to having the sales proceeds wired into my bank account remotely from my home 475 miles away. I did not see the finished house, but it sold very quickly at a price comparable to what the other realtors had predicted.
I very pleased with the service I received from my agent, Greg Clevenger. He walked me through the entire process, and answered my questions promptly. When he could not resolve what I suspect to be an overcharge in the final escrow accounting, he wrote me a personal check to cover the overcharge


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